Great new site - EcoBees

Poking around I found a great new site that Could use a lot more people in the ChicagoLand area. I haven't really checked out other areas, but seeing as it's a new site, Most areas could probably use help. It's based off of a freecycle model.

EcoBees is a little more of a user-friendly interface than craigslist or The creaters wanted to help supplement exostomg sites that do the same thing. Not necessarily take their place.

Why I find this site better? you can specify the distance you are willing to travel, without having to think of every area that might fall in that or search zipcodes, or join multiple groups if you happen to live on the edge of one.

Other perks are, you can post pictures, and who doesn't like seeing pictures of the items they are getting, You can see where on the map they are in relation to you. Don't worry, they don't give out your address on the map. it just gives a generalized location.

From my understanding the site only launched at the end of March and is doing quite well.

Bloggers Rights

Sadly I have been super busy lately, and my blog has been slightly neglected. But I wanted to make a brief post and try to drum up some support for the

Bloggers' Rights at EFF

The EFF has been working for a very long time to protect our rights in the digital & online world, and are starting a contest for people to go to defcon this year. A group of my friends have formed a team and we are trying to raise money, and stir up some competition, and get people donating to the EFF, not because we want to win (we are actually sponsoring part of the prize package), but because it really is a worthy organization.

Even a few dollars help.

Help keep bloggers rights going, so bloggers out there never have to worry about posting on the topics dear to them.

6 Healthy Habits That Can Make You Sick | Healthy and Green Living

6 Healthy Habits That Can Make You Sick | Healthy and Green Living

1. Over-Exercising
2. Staying Out of the Sun
3. Using Antibacterial Soaps and Gels
4. Sleeping (to much/To little)
5. Relying on Air Conditioning (recycled air)
6. Eating Organic Food (just because it's organic doesn't mean it's good for you!)

I just Donated, They really need medical aid in Haiti Right now.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Green Holidays

How to Green your Holidays. While not all of their suggestions might be plausible for everyone, they still have some nice tips. Even doing one or two things will help.

Why Frugal Is Fabulous, Cool, \"the new black\"

This is a really great article I wanted to share.
Why Frugal Is Fabulous, Cool, \"the new black\"

Our Best Bites: Easy Halloween Party Food

Our Best Bites: Easy Halloween Party Food

This site has some great ideas for Halloween food, makes me wish I was having a Halloween party!

Seven Tips to Help With Household Budgeting

This was recently passed along on a mailing list I am on, Thanks Kimmie!

Seven Tips to Help With Household Budgeting

1. Keep your financial records organized and your filing up to date. Have a set of file folders for items such as receipts, bills, canceled checks, checking account statements, etc. Have a designated place where you keep or can easily assemble your master budget, your financial files, checkbook, etc. so it is all in one convenient location.

2. Avoid spending cash, unless you are good at writing down cash expenses in a journal. It is all too easy to get $100 from the ATM and then have no idea where it all went at the end of the week. If you have trouble figuring out where your cash gets spent, keep a small amount of cash on hand for minor purchases. For everything else, try to pay by either a paper check, online checking or through credit cards so you have a record of your purchases. Credit cards are a good way to track purchases unless you have trouble controlling your spending. If this applies to you, then avoid credit card purchases and focus on keeping track of your expenses in a journal or by paying for items by check.

3. Give your children a set allowance for things like movies, CDs, snacks and toys instead of just giving them money on as needed basis. Giving children an allowance teaches them to make wise spending choices at an early age. A twelve year old who spends all of his allowance right away on CDs and then doesn't have enough money to go to the movies with his friends on the weekend has just learned a good lesson on the negative consequences of impulse spending.

4. Have a system in place for handling the mail. If you are not in the habit of misplacing bills or checks, good for you. Keep on using whatever system you have in place now. However, if losing track of bills is an issue at your house, it may help to have a designated mail drop box inside the house. Each family member should be instructed that whoever brings in the mail that day should always put the mail in the designated mail box for later sorting. Then the family member who has responsibility for sorting the mail should do so near the financial folders. That way checks get put right away in the check folder, bills in the bill folder, etc.

5. Avoid going to stores where you have had problems overspending in the past. Our neighbors stopped shopping at warehouse clubs and actually ended up saving money. They found they spent more money by not being able to resist all of the warehouse club bargains on products they really didn't need than they would by just getting their food at the local grocery store.

6. Have written, long term savings goals. Some sample goals might be getting out of debt, saving for a college, or building a retirement fund. It helps to avoid spending money on day to day purchases if you have financial goals in mind. Not having any compelling reasons to save makes it easier to fritter away money on small day to day purchases instead of saving for the long term.

7. Have a set time each week to review and pay the bills. If you have the money to pay your bills, there is no point in getting unneeded late fees due to disorganization or lost bills. If you make $15 an hour after taxes, then to make up for just one $30 late fee you would have to work an extra two hours to cover the fee.

Getting organized is one of the first steps to gaining control of your budget. Avoiding unnecessary late fees, paying bills on time, and having a good system in place for filing and paying your bills can all help to keep your household budget on the right track.

Source: Always Frugal by S. L. Simmons

How To Get A Free Education Online. | My Two Dollars

How To Get A Free Education Online. | My Two Dollars

My Two dollars (A fellow blog) has some great tips on getting Free educational material. Including MIT & University of Berkley.

For those of you who might be worried about H1N1 flu, or even the regular flu. There is now this lovely site that gives you all sorts of wonderful information. Including an online quiz to see if you have H1N1. Though it is a very short quiz. It is also in favor of the Vaccine. (I have a complete fear of needles, so I try to avoid them at all costs.) But it does have further information on the differences between the two types of flu that are going around lately.