Great new site - EcoBees

Poking around I found a great new site that Could use a lot more people in the ChicagoLand area. I haven't really checked out other areas, but seeing as it's a new site, Most areas could probably use help. It's based off of a freecycle model.

EcoBees is a little more of a user-friendly interface than craigslist or The creaters wanted to help supplement exostomg sites that do the same thing. Not necessarily take their place.

Why I find this site better? you can specify the distance you are willing to travel, without having to think of every area that might fall in that or search zipcodes, or join multiple groups if you happen to live on the edge of one.

Other perks are, you can post pictures, and who doesn't like seeing pictures of the items they are getting, You can see where on the map they are in relation to you. Don't worry, they don't give out your address on the map. it just gives a generalized location.

From my understanding the site only launched at the end of March and is doing quite well.